What Lovelykee is all about?

Ever felt the need of help in your relationships, but couldn’t ask for it from your friends, because you know its too personal to share? Or ever felt that you need emotional support but you hesitate to share with your friends because you are worried about being judged?

Here, at Lovelykee, we recognized such needs and committed ourselves on a mission to create a platform where you can find articles based on facts & experiences of people like you and me.

They may not tell you exactly what to do but will help you find solutions on your own.

The content will be coming from someone who knows what it is like to face relationship, dating & mental health-related challenges in India.

What lovelykee is all about

We promise we won’t promote mumble-jumble articles, which only sounds interesting from its headline. Our focus is on creating relatable & well-researched articles to which even a person going through unique circumstances can relate to.

We are focused on Community building & spreading awareness about Mental Health issues. As of now, the product is our Content, exclusively for Indian Youth. We hope to help many youngsters to get through those problems or situations, which we as a society don’t feel free to talk about openly & thus fail to address them at the root level. We believe that even the littlest things matter which mostly remains unnoticed.

Intrigued much?

Then, help us in increasing the reach of our website, so that more and more people get to know about our initiative & get help from our content.

Comment below if you think our initiative can help you or help someone you know.

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