Taming the depression with some phenomenal offbeat tactics

Have you ever perceived a total loss of hope, complete dejection or sadness, and negativity surrounding you so strong that you are like, “What the hell? Am I being too dramatic or what?” The answer is “NO.” It is quite natural to feel this way when one is going through a depressive phase of one’s life.

In the modern world, by defeating all the other physical illnesses, this mental indisposition has gained first place in the list of reasons for less productivity. A recent study, led by WHO, estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy 1 trillion US$ each year in lost productivity.

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As many of you are aware a few prominent symptoms of depressive disorders include sadness, low self-confidence, hopelessness, a feeling of guilt, loss of interest, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, loss of libido, mood swings, indecisiveness, etc. This disease not only hampers the quality of the sufferer’s life but sometimes, it also results in suicidal thoughts, which can be a treacherous condition.

It is always advisable to seek the guidance of a professional person if such thoughts come across one’s mind. Stable mental health is equally as important as physical fitness.

Enough of this bleak discussion, perk up, it is just a phase; it can be walked through to regain high spirit and joyousness in life.

Now the question remains, “How?”  Well, the obvious answer is with a few minor changes in our routine lifestyle, some positivity, and of course, with help of family and friends.

Here are five uncommon ploys to get the brighter side of life back.


If you have any connection with Denmark then you must be acquainted with this word. Almost every time Denmark secures its place in the top three in the World Happiness Report by the United Nations. Have you ever wondered why?

The secret of its accomplishment lies in here, practicing Hygge. It is a type of lifestyle where few little cozy modifications make us feel more comfortable which ultimately leads to a sense of contentment and well-being. Sounds interesting, right?

Now, we don’t need any in-depth knowledge of Danish culture to follow this pursuit. It is not any demanding chore, nor does it contain any hard to do undertakings. Are you aware of the notion when you are reading your favorite book in your comfy bed under the soft blanket? That’s it. Are you familiar with the sensation when you are curled up under the sky and counting stars with a special person? Ditto, that’s it.

Sprawling on the floor with some friends and talking nonsense, pampering your dearest pet by the side of the fire in winter, watching your favored cartoon with your sibling, etc are few instances that describe Hygge.

It is not at all burdensome to carry out such easy activities to rekindle the contentedness in you. This will definitely help you to feel serene, satisfied, and at peace with yourself. Try it out and see the transformation yourself. Happiness lies in such tiny little things.


This is what my personal favorite is. Who doesn’t like to play? Many of you will be amazed if I say that several games are basically formulated for the treatment of depression.  A number of controlled and uncontrolled studies indicate that video games can be useful in managing mild to moderate depression by releasing hormones such as endorphin and dopamine which are responsible for feelings of pleasure.

Every game has its own benefits, be it physical or mental; in-door or outdoor; online or offline. Sports not only boost your physical health but also exhaust you, consequently providing sound sleep. Strategy, simulation or puzzle games stimulate the mind and enhance problem-solving capacity.

All in all, engaging in a variety of gameplay inhibits our minds to wander on the path of negativity and overthinking. What are you waiting for then? Let’s get out and about to have some fun.


You must be thinking, what is so unusual about meditation? Have some patience. I am not articulating that so-called meditation where one sits in a silent place and trains one’s mind to calm down.

Here, the implication is on pursuing a hobby in the form of meditation. It can be anything as obvious as drawing, cooking, volunteering at an animal rescue shelter, or as weird as breaking and making electronics, ghost hunting or Netflixing. Doesn’t it daze you, how time flies when we are doing our desired work? This sort of meditation, I am urging you to opt for.

Needless to say, it requires tremendous efforts to make yourself ready to perform any task in this gloom. Here, family and friends come in handy. Pray to them to bring you about, you will never regret it.

Also remember, if you can master it while doing it, well and good, but don’t aim to become the expert in that craft, do it for the sack of whiling away the hours, to curb your mind from strolling away in unpleasant illusions. By allotting several precise hours to any pleasurable activity weekly will gradually aid you to drift away from depression.


People, in general, are not unaware of the significance of self-care in treating any kind of mental illness, but the thing is, what does this so-called self-care consist of? Doing exercise, eating healthy, staying hydrated, taking a break when needed, etc, are certain conventional habits that come under this umbrella. A handful of such astounding practices I learned are:

  • Accepting your flaws and finding perfection in imperfection.
  • Jolting down at least five positive items you are grateful for regularly.
  • Ceases to care what other people think. None of your business.
  • Expecting others to accept you as you are.
  • Being yourself is of paramount importance than other’s approval.
  • Injecting a small dose of laughter in everyday life.

The list can go on and on. You have to track down what is appropriate for you. Whatever fits the bill, just jump in and embrace it with open arms, I guarantee you, the exhilaration will follow.

depression to delights


I know, I know, all of you are no stranger to this term and every second person hurls this advice to a depressed person. But trust me; it is one of the indispensable tips one has to ponder upon. Each of us is familiar with the age-old story of glass, half-filled with water.

Let me illustrate it in a new imaginative manner; Envision a mishap where one day, you suddenly lost all of your family members, your adorable pet, your comfortable home, your well-paid job, your favorite pair of clothes and shoes along with all the other things that are dear to you.

How would you get the grips in this crisis? Okay, first, stay put where you are in your imagination. It is not happening. You see, how fortunate you are? This certainly elucidates that we must appreciate what we have. I know, it will not work like magic, but regular practice will eventually eradicate the negativity bit by bit. The better days are coming.

To put it succinctly, there are oodles of methods to withstand the downturn in one’s life, what matters is, the courage you need, to be strong enough to give it a fight. Sound health not only comes from nutritious food, heavy workouts, or physical wellbeing, it does require peace of mind, love in the heart, and a smile on the face. It is indubitably true that the thought of executing any such tasks can overwhelm the depressed person, but by taking one step at a time, one can for sure conquer this demon inside.

How to turn this shady phenomenon into sparkling affairs of life, the choice is ours to make.



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