New Year Resolution!? How not to fall off the wagon, follow SuccessDial

You’ve might have already guessed it from the heading, itself! I bet when you reach the end, you would feel, “Well!, that’s really interesting and fun than I thought!” And I’m very sure it’ll create a desire in you, to put in the conscious effort for the things that are absolutely worth your attention!

New Year Resolution!? How not to fall off the wagon, follow SuccessDial

I’ve come across many moments of guilt where I’ve got a lot of free time and was unable to utilize towards the goals that I should’ve catered my time to! Well, no matter how fancy I want to sound, it all boils down to “Laziness”. This guilt has to lead me to take so many big changes in my life from time to time! In short, they forced me to take many resolutions (Not always at the time of the new year :P), at least in the short run! But every time I started doing something useful and rewarding in the long run, the old habits creep back into my life, and it’s all same old again! It’s something everyone relates to at some point in their life!


I have come across the term “MONEY DIAL”, after watching this talk by Ramit Sethi! I strongly encourage you to watch it in your free time! He asks a question to the audience, “What’s your money dial?” thereby, he meant “If you have enough money, what’s the one thing you’d do, that gives you the most happiness?”. You might think, it’s such a basic question, but, I guarantee, it’s not! This is one such question that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. And, it’s not an easy question to answer!!

There’ll be many factors that play here, like comfort, safety, relief, freedom, and pleasure. Which factor do you associate with happiness the most? at this very moment of your life? In the beginning, you think you’ve got the answer to that. But you really need to dive in and get to the bottom of it (like asking yourself questions like “Why ain’t I doing it already?”). Once he (Ramit) has achieved some clarity, Ramit Sethi says, he will set his time and intellect towards accumulating that money! That’s not all, he’d mercilessly cut down the costs for all the remaining things in his life that are not his top priority.

No mercy

Coming to the second point right here, i.e., to cut down costs on all the unnecessary things, I’ve read something similar from the book, The Subtle art of not giving a f**k.

If we develop the discipline to not focus on the things that doesn’t matter and make it addictive to reach your bigger objective! And, when you reach there, it’ll be highly gratifying.

But, what was I implying here? How is this related to the topic I was initially talking about? Well, you’d find out…


In this talk, Ramit is targeting his advice towards people who have a stable income, I don’t! Still, the idea of MoneyDial, a totally radical idea to implement, hooked me. I watched through the entire talk. I thought to myself, that’s really a lot of valuable information, a shame that I can’t put it to use myself. Maybe because I don’t have stable money to achieve big dreams!

But … but, It suddenly struck me, I do have a lot of time. And just like money, is a very valuable resource. Both incomparable! So, I’ve something that can be put to use.

And then I asked myself, how about a new concept “SuccessDial”. What is my SuccessDial?, where instead of money, the resource is Time! i.e., “If you have enough time, what’s the one thing you’d do, that gives you the most happiness?”. Just like MoneyDial, this won’t be an easy question either! Provided, you answer the question honestly! I’m not liberal with the word “honest”. It is what it is!

Every time you think you’ve answered, you should really tune back in, criticizing yourself, ‘Why that is your (Success/Money)Dial’. As there are many factors that come into play! comfort, safety, relief, freedom, and pleasure.

Comfort — What can I do, that would make my life more comforting?
Safety — What can I do to make the status quo much more safe?
Freedom— What action should I take, that increases the free time or choice I have in my life?
Pleasure— What could be the most self rewarding activity I can do?

Once, you’ve answered the “What” part of the question, then comes the “Why” part. Why is that the main priority compared to others? and so on.

Image by

So, it’s a cycle of questions you should constantly ask! Until you get the answer, that’s worth spending your time for, without any kind of guilt. After you’ve defined it, the second part of the advice is to mercilessly cut down the costs of all the things that are a low priority!

Now, you can reason from what I’m gonna say next. To suit SuccessDial, you should mercilessly not allot time for the things that are not a top priority. For example, if jogging every morning is your SuccessDial. So when you get up in the morning, you should cut down the time for the time spent to get fresh till tying your shoes! Obviously, these are a low priority, Doing it in the shortest time is the right way. And once all of this is done, you can cater the quality of time to “Jogging” which is your top priority! But you might wonder, this was all in theory…

Practical Vs Theory

How to actually implement SuccessDial?

It depends on where you think you stand at the Laziness bar. If you value time, and laziness is not a problem, this advice, if followed honestly, will radically change the way you live and your perspective on time and money. But, if you are lazy like me, I won’t lie my friend, there’s still a Way.

Devote yourself some time (1 Day max., short enough that could contain your curiosity to trying it out). Now, define your SuccessDial for the time you’ve catered. The challenging part here is to get happiness in cutting down time for unnecessary activities or those which are not your priority. And obviously, there is no question of leaving the task you’ve committed yourself to, during this time (because that’s your success dial and the rest of them are not) If you did it, you can not imagine the high or happiness you will receive.

New Year Resolution!? How not to fall off the wagon, follow SuccessDial

Now, you should increase the time for the next SuccessDial, once you’ve been consistent to reach a couple of days! Go ahead with Habits! Because, it’s extremely challenging to start with habits, even though, however good the advice is. All of this boils to Long-term over Short-term, but a practical way to give a head start!

Stay tuned from us at LovelyKee for Accountability partners and more to help through your journey.

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2 thoughts on “New Year Resolution!? How not to fall off the wagon, follow SuccessDial”

  1. Very well written Ajay. Looking forward to many more blogs.

    Lovelykee team, a good initiative to curate content specific to issues young Indians face today.

    All the very best.

    • Hey! Zaheer thanks for taking time to read the blog!! You will enjoy many other well researched articles here, on many other mental health problems we face collectively. All the best you too 🙂


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