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What is Denial in psychology & how to deal with it?

Denial, the most judgmental word ever. The meaning depends on the viewers’ mentality. We often have an instinctive tendency to deny the magnitude of life`s challenges and how they affect us. One can think denial means refusal that doesn’t agree with your pursuit and one can also think denial means the right when someone tries to curb it down.

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Possessiveness: when and how it appears

According to Merriam-Webster possessiveness means, manifesting possession or the desire to own or dominate. In simple words being possessive means distrusting, doubting, or feeling insecure with your partner/friend. Or you want to be the center of attraction from, excessively attracted to, a particular person.

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How to Deal with Harassment that happens via Social media

From sending letters via postman to sending a text with just a click, we have come so far in technology and with this Harrashment has also followed along. Social media is now what we call a “cell” of our life. The basic structural and functional unit of this high tech generation

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