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Depression the slow poison Is it treatable 300x300 1

Depression, the slow poison: Is it treatable?

Depression is a very misunderstood term. People often confuse depression with sadness. Sadness is a feeling. Depression is a disorder. About 264 million people across the globe suffer from depression. And when I say this number, I mean these many people were diagnosed.

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Depression: Its Causes and symptoms

Depression: Its Causes and symptoms

Depression is a mental illness that affects your mood, the way you understand yourself, and the way you understand and relate to things around you. It can also go by different names, such as clinical depression, major depressive disorder, or major depression. Depression can come up for no reason, and it lasts for a long time.

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Addiction to Digital Screens

Addiction to Digital Screens: Is it a problem?

One evening I was trying to write something, a poem, a verse, or just a beautiful line. Well, I tried and did write something. Suddenly I got the feeling that whatever I have written is not mine. The blueprint of all my work was someone else’s idea and that was terrifying. I could not process where I have read or heard those ideas, probably on television or the internet.

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Sex Education

Is it Possible to implement Sex Education in Indian Schools?

Have you ever tried talking about sex with your Indian parents? How did that go? Let me know about that below in the comment section. Well, for me, it was disastrous. It was so bad, that I thought only bad people have sex. When I finally realized its a necessity, I was actually disgusted that my parents also had sex to have me. As hilarious as that sounds, it’s true.

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How do parents’ fights affect children?

“Do not fight in front of your children” is one piece of advice every young parent gets. There are so many parenting workshops, books, and articles, preaching the same thing. Even though so many people are aware of this basic parenting fact, how many can actually follow? I am sure, many of you reading this blog right now have faced a situation wherein you have felt absolutely helpless, while your parents were throwing daggers at each other in front of you.

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