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Why Join Lovelykee As An Intern?

As an Intern, you will have the opportunity to work with us in variety of topic and create some unique content that will help millions of Indians. You will be working individually as well as in a team of like-minded individuals during each project. This can become a hobby for you which can be actually very productive and help you create something that you can share with your friends & family. It can also help you learn and grow as a person. 

Also, you will become part of a community where no judgment is allowed & therefore, help is always on the way if you ever need it. This is not a typical internship or a job. So, the workload will be a lot less than what you actually give at your current work place. You will be free to take up the role of your interest and contribute as much as you like.

What We Are Expecting From You?

As an Intern at Lovelykee, we expect the following things from you: 

  1. You should be open to work with us on topics related to Mental-Health struggles, Sex education, Relationships and the like, which will be reflected in your content you help us create. 
  2. In addition to the above, you should be open to sharing your experience / views / opinions with the Lovelykee team. We are a judgment-free team & we appreciate free speech. 
  3. We are also looking for a certain level of maturity in you that will help you sensibly address the real problem and this may in turn help thousands of other people in the community. 
  4. If you are one of those people in your friend circle, to whom everyone looks forward to for advice in tough times, then you are definitely the right person to join our team. 
  5. Don’t expect this space to be a Dating site or the like. We are all Professionals here. So we expect the same professionalism from you & this should be reflected through your work. 

Open Positions

We are looking for people coming from different backgrounds to take up one or more of the following roles:

  1. Web designers
  2. Graphics Designer/Illustrators/Artists
  3. Public Relation Managers
  4. Blog Writers

Still Wating?

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Go through the FAQs below to know more. If you have any query, feel free  to Contact us