How my competitive friends became the reason for my success?

How my competitive friends became the reason for my success

Being born from a single cell to an inhabitable demise, everything is a competition. From a rough estimate, the chances of the new birth are one in a million sperms racing to fertilize the egg, it all begins here!

Among the same age cousins, the neighbors’ first word or his first step milestones are few stories, we hear from our parents. Outsmarting them would be easy if they don’t grow smarter.

Then we grow a little, saying a chapter would be disrespectful, so we start a Never-ending book of friendship.

Where does competitiveness take an uprising?

Since we Indians, give tremendous value to our society, it also gives us some gifts in return. 

The role of our parents and our relatives are quite significant in creating vie among us in our childhood. Whenever the results were out, the grown-ups learn first and we get scolded, it has nothing to do with how much we scored, but how everyone in the class scored better than us. 

Also, some relatives ask our results in front of our parents to get a good frolic. This does not stop here, even you become an adult, you’ll hear about some distant relatives’ child got a job, and it’s worse when they get a government job while you’re still struggling. 

And these things get to us, at some point we do think of ourselves crude than others and we need to refine. There is no surprise if one of your friends study their way to school during lunch, skip their playtime, or sometimes forget to have their meals. I have seen some of my classmates change their school just because the teacher next year is not nice and pounds very often if you don’t do well in class, but that is not a very radical approach.

What I’ve also seen that students remember formulae in the bathroom, read books in towels, ask for velocity instead for a pillow (Comment if you’ve some similar exceptional experiences). 

They show such behavior not out of fear, but to proclaim victory over any subject or theory & show he is leading in the competition. 

“We often tell ourselves that you have to prove that you’re good and can do better to become the best from the rest.”

Friendship is not a sport although physics, cricket, cutting woods, eliminating enemies are.

If I ask you to review your past and think of those friends who were with you even for a short time, I’m sure you will find their prints on your thoughts and behaviors. Believe it or not, these are the reasons you are strong and successful now.

If I ask you to review your past and think of those friends who were with you even for a short time, I’m sure you will find their prints on your thoughts and behaviors. Believe it or not, these are the reasons you are strong and successful now.

And these games are more like the pages of the book of friendship, there are nice people too, but a little quarrel does strengthen our friendship. You may feel you’re doing something wrong or you’re not too good to be someone’s friends, need not worry, you’re behaving only normal.

If you find your friends being competitive with you and they don’t want to be friends with you, then you have to be a bit smarter and sort thing out peacefully. The most simple way to do this is if you ask them to instruct you with the area you think you’re weak or upskill them in the subject they feel competitive about.

When we sense a race among our friends.

We begin to watch them, their every step and all the time and the same we experience from others’ perspective like we’re being followed. A change in schedule or habit to hide what we’re doing is experienced. 

Like when the results are on the board we don’t search our result first instead we search for our friends’, When a teacher asks someone to come on board or to read a paragraph, we don’t raise our hands but we sought our friends’ name and they do the same especially in those subjects in which you are not very well. Later it becomes a habit and grows a better understanding of ourselves and our friends too. We start to understand them better and have a good idea of how to present ourselves among them.

Success is waiting!

These are some discipline I’ve failed miserably: dancing, singing, racing, football, getting a girlfriend, but I did not try them because I wanted to, I tried because my friends were good at it.

There are also some disciplines that I learned to beat my friends in them. Let’s talk about Maths, in which we Asians are very proud to be on top of almost all International exams. Related to this I can say that there is a massive competition in Maths in my friend’s circle, and Recently I learned the most beautiful equation from one of my friends. If you didn’t know it’s called Euler’s identity (Google it). 

Now I know that there are numerous things I have to learn since there will be always someone who is ahead of me & that person might be my friend. So, we actually never stop learning while trying to be better than him. 

If you think about it, it’s funny, but this doesn’t just happen to me but to everyone around me. The point is you can only experience this when you have Friends & always grow a little in the good spirit of Competition.


Feeling competitive with your friends or among your local group is not the key to your success, it only gives a Spark to begin. Rest depends on your hard work, a positive environment, and the support of your family and friends. You will have to be willing to help and ask for your friends’ help. Avoiding them, or leaving things on luck will not do you any good. The most important thing is you give yourself time, have faith in yourself, & success will follow you!

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