What are some Causes for Suicide in India?

What are some Causes for Suicide in India?

Suicide, The loss of every materialistic and non-materialistic endearment. A farmer, actor, doctor’s son, young girl, a whole family, there is no distinction since they are all humans. One can imagine a part of their pain and pity them for what they have done, reasons are unworthy.

Addiction to Digital Screens: Is it a problem?

Addiction to Digital Screens

One evening I was trying to write something, a poem, a verse, or just a beautiful line. Well, I tried and did write something. Suddenly I got the feeling that whatever I have written is not mine. The blueprint of all my work was someone else’s idea and that was terrifying. I could not process where I have read or heard those ideas, probably on television or the internet.

Possessiveness: when and how it appears


According to Merriam-Webster possessiveness means, manifesting possession or the desire to own or dominate. In simple words being possessive means distrusting, doubting, or feeling insecure with your partner/friend. Or you want to be the center of attraction from, excessively attracted to, a particular person.

Relationship, Digital age, and Youth of India

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Our generation, the dawn of this very digital/information age, started in the 1970s introducing personal computers with subsequent technology capable of transferring information quickly and freely.