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A Message From Our Team

“Our goal is to create well-researched, realistic & fact-oriented articles on various topics which has deep impact on our Mental health like Harassment, Career choice, Sex Education, etc. We know that we can help many Indians who feel at times that our society doesn’t provide a safe environment to freely talk about our intimate problems, thus finding solutions almost seems impossible at times. We just somehow have to manage during these times, without knowing what should be the right thing to do. We have faced such situations in our life as well and we know how you feel.

Hence, We are trying to curate a huge number of articles on a variety of topics, that will surely give you hope & help you find the solutions you are looking for. Our work will not only be limited to sharing articles but we want to create a community where people can get the most out of our Counselling services. These services will enable anyone to make the right decisions during difficult times.

We are growing and so are you. Let’s enjoy this journey. Keep reading, Keep learning.

We look forward to serving our readers in the best way possible!”

Mouchandra & Shubham

Our team
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Mouchandra Paul


Mouchandra is a PhD scholar at IIT Kanpur as well as the co-founder of Lovelykee. Although coming from Engineering background, she has a keen interest in Psychology & loves talking about various Mental Health issues.

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Shubham Keshri


Shubham is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur. He loves to interact with people and to help them in their times of need. This has made him to start Lovelykee with Mouchandra.